Counting Numbers 123 HD

  (iPad and iPhone) For younger learners, please check out our LEARN TO COUNT HD where they will be introduced to the numbers 1-10 through songs and rhymes. Comprising a

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Learn To Count HD

  (iPad and iPhone) ★★★★★ #1 in Games>Educational>New section in iTunes (SG)(at its peak) ★★★★★ #11 in Games>Educational>What’s Hot section in iTunes (SG)(at its peak) What better way for children

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Fido’s Magic Soundbox

  (iPad and iPhone) Babies and toddlers love sound! Engage their senses early with Fido’s Magic Soundbox! Visit places with Fido and learn about sounds around the house and more.

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Fido’s Treehouse Adventure (Free)

(Available on iPad Only) Here’s a unique FREE PLAY game for your kids! Fido Treehouse Adventure comes with outdoor and indoor environment that simulate real-life interactivity, providing endless fun for

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Case Study

PixPro mobile apps help companies provide better customer service. Check out how our CRM app has helped one of our customer provide better services and consultancy services to their end customers!

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Solution Overview | Key Business Findings

It is estimated that the average cost of generating and managing invoice is USD 10.98 or SGD 13.73 and takes on average around 34 minutes each. And that’s before any dispute management.


There’s the effort of handling the data several times. Once manually on the door step and again later into the accounting system. There’s the follow- up with the debtor. And further away from the completion of the job the less valuable the job appears. Asking for payment well after the completion is sure to bring out any germ of resentment. Being paid quickly has to be the mantra on the lips of every business man.


There’s the issue of record keeping. How many invoice books are misplaced each year with the risk of relying on memory and a manual diary to recreate a weeks; worth of data? And how many manual invoices miss making it to the accounting system or make it with incorrect data?


Finally, Manual Invoices are increasingly seen as a little less than Professional too. Perception of your customer to the way you present your business paper work is part of the overall impression about the company image or brand or the value of your product/service.