Fido Goes Places DX


(Available on iPad Only)

♥ “All in all, this is an enjoyable solid app.”

♥ “…is a cute, well designed and colourful app.”

♥ “…a cut above your ordinary applications…”

♥”…it has a remarkable influence in teaching kids about vocabulary.”

♥ “…colorful graphics and an easy to follow user interface.”

♥ “good educational value, nice lively illustrations…”

♥ “…a well made seek-and-find game that does more than just providing fun.”

♥ “…a hidden object game made to stimulate your toddler’s cognitive functions, teach and improve visual association and memory…”

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★★★Fido Goes Places DX does not contain in-app purchase. You will get all the scenes unlocked.

Bring your little ones on an adventure with Fido! Fido comes from a far far away planet, in search of interesting items on planet Earth. He’s new to this world and he is curious about the world around him! Will your little tots join his adventure and learn about the world with him?

Fido will be exploring places like:
▪ beach
▪ farm
▪ park
▪ shopping mall
▪ carnival

What will Little Tots find in each place? What will they find and hear? Can they train a keen eye and help Fido find the 125 items that he seeks?

How to play

● Select a place to visit on the map
● In each place, help Fido find the items on his list
● Double click on them to ‘keep’ the items in your gallery
● 3 hints are provided for each gameplay!
● Encourage your child to learn by using the gallery images to guide them.
● Collect ALL 125 items in all 5 places!
● Refer to Gallery for full list of items in each place
● Spelling activity with a total of 90 words
● Audios in the item-to-find list to allow independent learning

Educational value
Little toddlers aged 2 – 5 are beginning to engage in more cognitive activities. They are more alert to their environment and begin to remember details in their environment, identify items and describe things. Cognitive simulating activities are required at this age.

Instead of the usual flashcards which calls for memorization of isolated items, Fido Goes Places is designed to engage little tots in a more purposeful play where they start to identify items in a complex environment.

Fido Goes Places enables little toddlers to learn items in their environmental context and train them to have an eye for details, a practice which can be extended to real life environment.

In this way, toddlers are trained on cognition and at the same time, learning to identify items through the gallery of pictures presented.

Audio is provided to aid toddlers in their learning.


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